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Transfer Platform
MORE is a professional Internet platform for environment industry provided by Beijing Inggreen Technology Co., Ltd.
IngGreen provides media coverage, industrial analysis, vertical recruit and international technology transfer for clients. Our goal is to help Chinese environmental industry develop in a more efficient way through our professional network around the world.

Our Services

Industrial Analysis

Providing subdivided professional reports for overseas technological companies who will enter Chinese market.We will ensure the demand of companies,assess advantages and disadvantages of the project.

Partner Hunting

Seeking domestic appropriate partners for overseas companies in the stage of developing Chinese market, such as the agency, OEM or JV . Our ecological cooperation partners include governmental platforms、technological transfer companies、financial institutes、overseas acting companies、domestic members companies.

Marketing Agencies

Chinese zone agency of overseas equipments. Our overseas acting companies include Kuhn Gmbh Eurec Environmental Technology Gmbh、Elex AG、WEHRLE Umwelt GmbH、Robotertechnik-TRANSFER GmbH.

Financial Services

Investment and financing for overseas companies in the Chinese market.Our financial institutes cooperation partners include Poalim Asia Direct、Essence Securities Co. Ltd、Tebon Securities Co. Ltd.、TsingHua Holdings China Venture Capital Co., Ltd ,etc.

Event Planning

Design marketing strategies and event planning to meet customer demand, can be customized design for the product or brand.Events such as technical exhibition、technical visit、Personal training,etc.

Media Coverage

Make full use of media resources to design the company's brand strategy, including print media, television media and social media to enhance the corporate brand..

Services Mechanism

Our Partners

  • Technological Transfer Companies
  • Financial Institutes
  • Overseas Acting Companies
  • Domestic Members Companies

Contact us

Contactor of Chinese side:Li, Yao

Mobile:+86-1390 6125 689

Email: [email protected]

Headquarter: Floor 5, Henrun International Plaza,No.32, North 3rd West Road,Beijing, P.R.C.

Zip Code:100086

Contactor of European side: Hubert Wienands

Mobile: +49-151 22998000

Email: [email protected]

Headquarter: House Green 12,EMMENDINGEN,Germany

Zip Code:79312

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